To achieve stable, long-term, and in-depth cooperation with you, we promise to provide you the optimal
purchasing experience, trustworthy logistics, installation and debugging service.

Plastic product analysis-design stage

Preliminary design of plastic products (guarantee of size, specifications and durability in Acemien professional inspection laboratory) to ensure that the project design is extremely accurate, simple and efficient to reach 90%.

Material customization-formula stage

Per your special local market plastic industry & national requirements, we provide you with ACEMIEN CRMF (CUSTOM RAW MATERIAL FORMULA), that is, to guarantee your products’ competitiveness in the local market with a high probability of winning. Time money & energy saving ensure you a peace mind.

Machine installation-mass production stage-1

ALL-IN-ONE machine procurement solutions are provided per your factory's plant design. With minimal installation method, 30-45 days delivery and combined shipping solutions, final installation and commissioning, door-to-door maintenance, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Machine installation-mass production stage-2

Compared with equipment in the same price range, the output efficiency per hour can be 25% higher than the average. For any product of Acemien, we guarantee your satisfaction in purchasing, transportation, installation and commissioning and daily operation to speed up the in depth cooperation with you.